Java Collections Framework…

The Collection Interfaces

Collection Interface

  • List
  • Set
  • Queue

List Interface

  1. ArrayList
  2. LinkedList
  3. Vector


Example of ArrayList



Set Interface



Internal Structure Of LinkedHashSet

SortedSet Interface

NavigableSet Interface


Queue Interface


Insertion in PriorityQueue
Deletion in PriorityQueue

Deque Interface



Maps In Java

The Map Interfaces

The Map Interface

The SortedMap Interface

The Methods Declared by SortedMap

The NavigableMap Interface

The Map.Entry Interface

  • public object getKey(): is used to obtain a key.
  • public Object getValue(): is used to obtain the value of a key.
Methods Declared by Map.Entry

The Map Classes

  • public int size(): Return the number of key-value mappings in the map.
  • public boolean isEmpty(): Returns true if the map contains no key-value mapping.
  • public V get(object Key): Returns the value to which the specified key is mapped or null if this map contains no mapping for that key.

The LinkedHashMap class

The TreeMap class

Internal Structure Of TreeMap





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