Spring MVC…

Introduction to Spring Web MVC framework

How Spring Web MVC Really Works

  • the dispatcher servlet first receives the request.
  • the dispatcher servlet consults the helping and invokes the controller associated with the request.
  • the controller processes the request by calling the appropriate service methods and returns a modelAndViewobject to the dispatcher servlet. the modelAndViewobject object contains the model data and the view name.
  • the dispatcher servlet sends the view name to a view resolver to find the actual view to invoke.
  • now, the dispatcher servlet will pass the model object to view to render the result.
  • the view, with the help of the model data, will render the result back to the user.

Defining a Controller

  • We will define the required business logic inside a service method. We can call another method inside this method as per requirement.
  • Based on the business logic defined, we will create a model within this method. We can use setter different model attributes and these attributes will be accessed by the view to present the final result. This example creates a model with its attribute “message”.
  • A defined service method can return a String, which contains the name of the view to be used to render the model. This example returns “hello” as a logical view name.

Spring MVC Model Class

Creating Views





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